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Here at Vacation Rental Info you are going to learn from a community with hands on knowledge of, and personal experiences with, vacation rentals from a guest’s point of view.  When you understand what we teach, you’ll accomplish: Finding, Booking, Staying at and Returning home from, Reviewing your vacation rental LIKE A PRO!

Is this your first exposure to vacation rentals? Are you a little apprehensive about staying somewhere other than an established brand of hotel? We understand, been there, felt that! And WE ARE OVER IT!

And soon you will be too!

When we first started looking into private residences for vacation we felt different emotions too.  Maybe because you’ve heard some stories about a few bad apples who have scammed people out of their money under the guise of a cheap-cheap-cheap vacation rental.  I know we had.  But don’t fret... 

You’re going to learn how to spot scammers from a mile off and know exactly how to have them turning hind end and running away from you like a cockroach in a spotlight. 
Scammers don’t want to deal with informed, smart, and savvy vacation rental guests; they prey on the uniformed. 

And you, our friend, will have power, affiliation and experience on your side.  Three things scammers hate and legit owners and managers love!

You’ll soon realize that the vast majority of vacation rentals are owned or managed by legit individuals or companies providing the best accommodation for the price.  You’ll learn how to communicate with these businesses in a way to make your vacation “surprise-less” when it comes to the accommodation.

Welcome a new vacation experience. 

Welcome to Vacation Rental Info.

Make some trails!

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